How To Ensure Your Self-Storage Unit Is Secured?

Being a user, when we handover our important assets to someone, the first thing that mingle our mind is the security of our assets. There is still a scope of doubt even if you have taken a self-storage service to which you are paying a good amount. Security is above all factors; after all, you have spent your hard-earned money to buy those goods.

Whenever you are taking a self-storage unit on rent, make sure they have all the security features described below:

Video surveillance: Video surveillance enables monitoring of your self-storage unit even in the mid of night and fight against theft you probably do not expect at all. Nowadays, storage units are equipped with HD digital video surveillance which takes neat and clean footage to help you identify the thief. Having such kind of storage unit keeps you away from worries. This device has advance video system that directly captures all recordings and keeps them safe and secure off-site. Some of the systems have deterrent options that keep the intruder away by giving a scary alert sound. However, video surveillance has become very common but still asking for this feature can keep you at safe side.

Remote Monitoring Alert: There are apps designed to integrate the security software in order to provide remote monitoring which protects your self-storage property. It easily detects unwanted motion and if there is a security alarm, it immediately sends an email or text notification. You can easily track off-hours activities. This is one of the features you must ask for when renting a storage unit.

Mobile Alert System: The mobile wireless security works through radio frequency identification which warns you by sending a text message when there is an unauthorized intrusion into your storage unit. If the on-site reader experiences or detect any kind of unwanted tampering, it sends the text message including date and time when the unit was opened. Within 60 seconds of time, it intimates you.

Access Control: In order to restrict unauthorized access to your storage unit, you may look for this crucial security feature that has unique access code that keeps the intruders away. You can monitor the location remotely and access locks from your handy device such as smartphone.

We hope this article help you to better understand the security features that can make your storage space safe and secured. Make sure you ask for all of these features when looking for storage space rental Singapore so that you can make better choice.

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