Thiam Siew is a brand-new condominium by Hoi Hup and Sunway Pte Ltd which is more than just a home. It idealizes significant beauty and sustainability probably. The uber sized 4 bedroom residences each sprawl through the entire floor pay tribute to the strategically designed architecture. Thiam Siew Avenue is located in district 15, which is a versatile paradise of Singapore with a lending look of opulence and nobility. The brilliantly designed Thiam Siew showflat invites sun, love and a bunch of soulful memories.

The avenue is deeply crafted with perfection with 360-degree panoramic views. It offers unbridled leisure that is incomparable. Also, it’s built using the finest construction materials which make living here worthwhile.

Items imbibed in Thiam Siew and their brand for quality inspection –

  • Audio Video Intercom – Fermax
  • Microwave Oven – Miele
  • Induction hood and hob – Miele
  • Built-in refrigerator – De Dietrich
  • Washer cum dryer – De Dietrich
  • Wardrobe – from self-chosen basic materials
  • Sanitary materials – Duravit
  • Cabinets – Ernestomeda

Dance like a wind in your own heavenly home. Thiam Siew possesses amenities and features that radiate exclusivity. Watch time take a pause here!

Thiam Siew feature highlights –

  • Luxurious plots and penthouses
  • 22 Thaim Siew showflats available
  • Spread over 263,794 sq. ft.
  • World-class amenities
  • Grand entrance lobby
  • Spacious rooms with an incredible floor-to-ceiling height
  • The green landscape spread all around
  • Well lit and ventilated

Thiam Siew Singapore amenities –

  • Swimming pool, gymnasium
  • Drop-off area, circular sculpture
  • Screen-wall and screen
  • Pool deck and outdoor dining area
  • Feature outdoor shower
  • Business centre
  • Kids play area, park connector and clubhouse for recreational activities
  • Air-conditioned residences
  • Spacious parking

Thiam Siew location advantages –

  • MRT stations nearby – Katong and Paya Lebar MRT stations are at walking distance
  • Top schools in vicinity – Kong Hwa school, Dunman High school, Tao Nan School and other renowned schools are in the vicinity of Thiam Siew
  • Market – You can find shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants and food stalls near the avenue like Katong Retail centre, Joo Chiat Complex, Katong I12 etc.
  • Road connectivity – Thaim Siew estate is connected to the expressways and main country roads.

Thiam Siew, the most awaited launch of Singapore is here. Thiam Siew condo developer, Hoi Hup and Sunway have come together to develop this avenue which is truly one of its kind. Celebrate this legacy of trust with the world inspired avenue!

Reach out to us for quotation and VVIP discount for early birds. Your destination home is waiting for you!

Enormous benefits of buying from a developer

Paying for a new home from a developer does not merely save you a considerable amount of upfront expenditures but comprises a distinct bunch of extra advantages.

We glance at five enormous benefits of buying from a developer:-

No transfer duty

One of the hugest savings on a recent home is that you don’t have to expend transfer duty. This tax is due for all residences outperforming R1-million and begins at 3% of the price above R1-million. A sliding scale is adequate when evaluating transfer duty, which implies that the greater the significance of the estate, the greater the transfer duty.

VAT included

When you purchase from a developer like you can do while buying Tengah Garden Residences, the purchase price encompasses VAT, accordingly the rate you notice is the rate you pay. When buying a resale, still, the Transfer Duty is not included and, in maximum cases, must be spent in cash.

With a developer sale, the rate is all thorough, and you can get a mortgage loan established at this price. In other terms, if you permit a 100% bond, you can fund the total price comprising the VAT.

Lower operational costs

There is no such aspect as a fixer-upper when you purchase a new residence from a respected developer. Repairs, supervision, and alterations should be zero or extremely least in the initial few years. If established by a respected developer to the latest norms, you could celebrate lower operating expenses and productive energy criteria.

Newly constructed residences like Tengah Garden Residences use power more efficiently. New residences have a tighter-sealed building envelope that enables deter the cool air in the summer season and the warm air in the winter from escaping. With building technology invariably expanding, things like insulation of windows and entrance furthermore improve. Progress in an electrical facility such as heat pumps rather than geysers could accumulatively be enormous cost savings for the new home shopper. Understand energy efficiency that interprets to cost efficiency.

Your choice

Purchasing from the plan has enormous advantages in periods of customizing your home:-

You can select your accessories and ends from a preference chosen by the architect and don’t have to be convinced by old carpets and restrooms from the 70s and ’70s. At a lower expense to you, you could be residing in a brand whacking new home with the latest glance and feel.

You have a different chance of practicing your tendency in terms of location within the scheme. Therefore, if you like the flat on the top floor with impressions of Table Mountain, you could have the first option.

Find out more about our latest developments for sale by following the link or getting in touch with our agents

Everything’s new!

Don’t misjudge the feeling of realizing that you are the first holder of a residence – everything is new, clean, and has never been utilized before.

The comfort of shifting into a move-in-ready home is a huge anxiety reliever. Relocating is an aggravating change in one’s being and realizing that you are changing positions into a brand-new home is incredibly fascinating. Modern-designed residences are moreover formulated for the kind we live – instead of a poky, boxy old house, a recently constructed home is a brilliant and amiable experience when you step in the front door.

What are the advantages to studying regarding the safety officer?

In every worksite, the health and safety officer is needed, and they will maintain the safety of the people. Thus, the safety team will take a prominent place in the organization, and the platform will provide consultation about it. It is the platform that provides all safety rules on the worksite. The safety officer’s work is maintaining everything, and it will be a prevalent job to them. In this platform, the team provides guidelines about safety in any site, likes construction, etc. Make sure to consider this platform, and they will provide proper guidelines in workplace safety and health officer regulation. Under the various regulations in the company, the safety officer will appoint and so obtain the course related to it’s in this platform. They will give detailed information about the topic and sort out everything on it.

fundamentals of pdpa

How will they regulate the course on this platform?

It is the topmost platform when it comes to obtaining the course. Thus, safety is prevalent in the all people site, and it may give the topmost guidelines. It is the trusted partner, so do not avoid the platform for any more cases. They are ready to assist the people in a better way, and they will accomplish in life. They will sort out the proper training, which may give good results. It is the proper consultation team, and the team is most loyal to the work. When it comes to providing the safety measures idea, it is the best platform and gives high performance. In the construction area, safety is prevalent, and this platform will assure it. Do not avoid the platform for any more cases, and you may not get better aid on it.

Knows about the PDPA:

When you are running the business or working in one company needs to know the fundamentals of pdpa. It will be the course needed in every one personal life to save the data against the issues. Thus, PDPA is a benefit to all businesses, and it will encourage business by guaranteeing the business’s data. Of course, PDPA will feasibly act as the best process for the people. The course is used to save the data, and it may take more responsibility in securing the information. Almost all people need to obtain the course, and it will be helpful to the people as personally and professionally. Consider it and ensure the benefits that will elaborate the course. It is the best platform for obtaining the course and considering it and its benefits. When it comes to obtaining the course, it will be the best and right choice for the people.

Bottom line:

It is the platform, so each will give the high valued services to the people. You may get more ideas about safety and PDPA, which are important to your personal life. Obtain it and ensure the benefits of the course. The platform will sort out the course in the virtual class and obtain it and ensure its benefits.

Benefits of homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy is a holistic science that furnishes cure and treatment, instead of mere relaxation of disease, and carries consideration of the minute details of the sick individual. To do this, a homeopathic doctor desires to expend a substantial quantity of time with the subject and appreciate many aspects of him and his life.


It is recommended to prevent touching the homeopathic bullets and tablets with your fingers. The simplest way is to gently shake the critical bullets or tablets into the lid of the bottle and use that as a cup to gently put the medicine in your mouth.


Since the homeopathic medication is thinly adsorbed onto the surface of most bullets and pills, any moisture on your skin or hands may discharge the medicine at the point of touch rather than in your mouth. In addition, any fats on your membrane may stick to the skin of the bullets or pills and inhibit adequate absorption once the medication is in your mouth.


What is utilized in the preparation of homeopathic therapies? 

There are various sources for homeopathic medicines. A huge part of them is originated from the blossoms, leaves, and roots of plants. Chemicals such as nitric and sulphuric acid also form the purpose of some preparations. Many minerals and metals such as gold, tin, silver zinc, and iron are also utilized in the formulations. It might scare you to know that some germs, bacteria, and pests are also used in the preparation of certain medications.


It is a system of medicines that can cure recurring and chronic diseases of all kinds such as joint, immune, and skin diseases. It is popular for curing acute problems like acne, throat issues, injuries, dysentery, colds, and lung infections. However, it is not indicated for chronic ailments like Tuberculosis, cancer, and Malaria.


If we have to enlist the 3 major benefits of homeopathy, then they will be-


  1. Efficiency

Homeopathy is widely known to cure the complications that occur repeatedly. Even if they reoccur in a few days, months, or years. A large population is using these treatments for curing their asthma, acne, migraine, and rheumatism.


  1. Safe and free from any side effects

These medicines are safe and do not give any side effects. These medicines do not contain harmful chemicals and toxic substances and hence do not give any side effects. Even for pregnant women, small kids, infants, and elderly patients, it’s completely safe.


  1. Provides lasting relief

Homeopathy is known to treat the root of disease, not just reliving the symptoms. The approach of homeopathy is to treat the emotional, physical, mental aspect of the individual


If you are glaring for your prescribed homeopathic medicines or a good variety of nutritional supporting products then Naturelova has a range of Organic Vegan Protein Powder that you can select from.


They are reliable and safe to eat. These health products majorly offer-


How to Find all-new Launch Properties Altogether? 

Are you tired of browsing different condos but not getting the appropriate one? Don’t worry; someone is trying his best to put all your desired data in one place.

Nothing is better than getting everything in one place, without searching for it separately. Yes, it’s somewhat the same as spoon-feeding!

Let’s understand with an example, you must have searched or might be searching for a perfect condo for you. For that, you want to virtually visit all the new and upcoming condos this year. So, is there anyone who can assist you and tell you the real picture of every condo by line?

Now you must be thinking about the translucence. How do these agents get to comprehend the services and sense of these condos? So, for that, there is a satisfactory process. Agents directly go and note every aspect of the condo. They try to keep a personalized approach and check the residence as they want to have a unit in that!

Finest services are one of the best teams of anonymous reviewers. It has a complete list of outstanding condos, about to welcome you in the current or upcoming year. Few of them are:

The Avenir

It is a freehold new launch property in Singapore. Click here for The Avenir. It is sited along Ricer Valley close to the heart of district 9. At just a few minutes of the drive, there is the Central Business District and Orchard Road shopping belt.

  • Total residential units- 376
  • Land area- 129,648 square feet.
  • Bedrooms- 1 to 4
  • Units costing- $1,529,000 and $8,442,000.

The Commodore 

It is strategically located in the heart of Canberra in district 27. It has a long list of excellent amenities like Sembawang Shopping Centre, Canberra Plaza, Sun Plaza, and North Point. The site is connected with several major road routes like Yishun Ave 1, Yishun Dam, Woodlands Ave 12, SLE and Sembawang Road Upper Thompson Road Lornie Highway, etc.

  • Bedrooms- 1 to 5
  • Price- S$1400 to S$1500
  • Project size- 143,324 sq. km.
  • Number of units- 219

See the property review of The Commodore.

Amber Sea Condo

If you want to live and enjoy the sea breeze and have a coating life, then this place is just for you. On the Eastern coast of Singapore, it occupies the site of former Amber Glades. It’s just two doors away from Amber Park.

  • Total housing units- 132
  • Bedrooms- 1 to 5
  • Number of floors- 19
  • Total land size- 40,918sq ft.
  • Price- S$1923- S$ 4215.

Canning Hill Piers

It is located at River Valley Road and consists of 2 towers and one hotel. It is a joint development by City Development Limited and Capital Land. it is a mixed type of development and having a leasehold of 99 years. You can extract the excellence of its location factor once you read about it in detail. It’s just 1 minute away from Fort Canning MRT station.

  • Number of units- 700
  • Site area- 12,925.4 sq. m.

The list does not end up here; there are all the expert-reviewed condos in the list. Just visit their website and select and compare effortlessly.

Advantages of buying a Condo in the Amber Sea Residential Complex

Real estate in Singapore can be modern and quite affordable, as proven by the Amber Sea residential complex. By the link you can be convinced of this without any problems. In the construction process, the best materials, modern technologies and high-quality equipment are used. Thanks to careful thought and control at the main stages, it is possible to achieve an ideal result.

The appearance of the residential complex can deservedly be called European, as well as its contents. There are several options for apartments, which differ in the number of rooms, layout, area, but all are truly comfortable and cosy.

Differences of a modern residential complex in Singapore

If you choose a proven residential complex from a reliable developer among the many options on the modern Singapore real estate market, you can count on many positive aspects. In the construction process, only carefully selected materials are used that combine strength, lightness, durability. In winter, the house will be comfortable, because high-quality thermal insulation is used, and there are also individual heating systems. This allows you to create comfortable conditions at an adequate cost. Heating of this format is currently considered a huge advantage, because centralized heating is unreasonably expensive.

The residential complex from a well-known developer has many other interesting differences. Among them are:

  • Thoughtful design of the complex itself and the entire surrounding area. Therefore, a resident will be able to feel comfort both inside his apartment and on the street in the yard.
  • The territory is ennobled by all standards, a large number of trees grow there, and there are places for recreation and everything else for an interesting pastime.
  • For residents with a car, there are places in the underground parking, which is guarded around the clock. Therefore, you cannot worry about the car.

Buy an apartment in the residential complex Amber Sea

Amber Sea residential complex is a perfect choice for those who want to live in tranquillity and comfort. The facilities of upcoming Tanjong Katong MRT station will be enjoyed by the future residents. Paya Lebar and Dakota are just 10 min away from the housing development. Nearby bus stops are as follows:

  • Opp One Amber- 180 metres away
  • One Amber- 180 metres away
  • Amber Gardens- 70 metres away
  • Opp Amber Gardens- 9- metres away

List of nearby schools:

  • Growing up Gifted Preschool- 550 metres
  • Shaws Preschool- 300 metres
  • Ivy Kids Preschool- 350 metres
  • Haig’s Girls school- within 2 kilometres
  • Tanjong Katong Primary school- within 1 kilometre
  • Broadrick secondary school- 2.4 kilometres
  • Chung Cheng High school- 1.4 kilometres
  • Chij Katong Convent- 2.2 kilometres

To buy the best type of real estate for yourself, you must first study all the options offered. Among them are apartments in one, two or three rooms, which may differ in area. The final cost and level of comfort depend on this. You need to understand how many people will live inside. In order not to be mistaken, you can first inspect all the apartments that have attracted attention, get professional advice from Amber Sea developers with experience.


What is the Right Time to Buy a Condominium?

The decision to buy a property is one of the most important in the life of any person. Especially if the apartment is bought for the first time for your own residence or for rent. In such a matter it is necessary to calculate everything correctly, take into account unforeseen expenses and prepare for possible problems, so as not to get into trouble.

It is extremely important to choose the right time to buy Canninghill Piers Singapore. This will avoid problems with the repair and operation of the apartment, and in some cases will save money.

When to choose real estate options on the secondary market?

It all depends on the goals of the buyer, his budget, the liveliness of the real estate market in the city and the economic situation in the country. The main advice is to start the search as early as possible. It is desirable that you have at least 1 year in reserve (or better even 2 years), to consider suitable options, check the market in different seasons, find adequate sellers.

Buying real estate for life, not investment, is the most common acquisition. There is no difference when to make a home in the property. You just need to find a suitable living space, meet with Canninghill Piers developers, see the documents, talk to lawyers and notaries. Expect a drop in prices is not worth it, especially if you really liked the option. It is worth considering that if a person hesitates, a good apartment can buy other people.

Investing money in Canninghill Piers Singapore is a good option, considering other financial instruments for earning. For example, a currency deposit in a verified bank gives approximately 16.5-18% per annum. You need to take away 18% of income tax and 1.5% of the military fee from the amount of profit. Thus, deposits even with capitalization help only to save money from inflation and earn quite a bit.

When to buy a home on the primary market?

The optimal time for the selection of housing from Canninghill Piers developers is the period of active construction in the first 6-12 months from the day of the announcement of the project. Also, investors often invest in new buildings, when they are built on 25-30% (dug a pit, built 1-4 floors).

Another good way to earn – it is to pick up the moment when the Canninghill Piers developers hold various discounts and promotions. This usually occurs during a period of low purchasing activity, for example, in the run-up to the New Year. Also, some companies provide discounts for some significant public holidays. In this case, you need to look carefully at the proposed options. There are cases when developers sell illiquid apartments, on the last floors, with a bad view from the window, with terrible layouts, etc. For life such options are not suitable, but for renting them should be considered.

What season should you start looking for accommodation?

The real estate market lives according to a particular cycle. If you know its features, you can guess the moment when prices for square meters freeze or even decrease a little.

In winter it is extremely difficult to buy an option on the secondary market, but in new buildings there are promotional apartments. All work on construction sites in the cold period freezes, so it is extremely important for the sales department to sell part of the housing before the onset of spring.

Iphone Trading and Repairing in Combination

It takes great pride to call you the iPhone owner. It is important to take right care of the smart phone you have in possession. You get iPhones from major companies and these are delicate gadgets you hold in hand with the best of care and attention.

These are fragile gadgets to have in possession and one drop can damage the screen for the rest of your life. For the reason, you can look for best price for iphone trade in and you can even search for the nearest repairing centers where you can give the phone for complete recovery.

Essence of Trading and Repairing

However, there is no worry as there are plenty of iPhone repairing centers and you can easily find them with the single online click. There are certain people who do not realize that a crack on the phone can let in dust and impurities and this can help disturb the inner technicalities of the iPhone.

Here you have the best price for iphone trade in and you can make your phone look like new in the best price ever. It is important for a true iPhone user to realize the importance of having an iPhone in possession. It is an undeniable fact that the professional iPhone repairing service is sure to offer premium quality services.

Fixing the Problems Well

At the repairing center you have the team of experts to fix the iPhone problem with perfection. They will take care of the gizmo in the way to fix problems with the best attention ever. Other than repairing the screen of the iPhone people at the store will serve the customers with the best of attention and amiability.

They can even help in matters of replacing the display of the iPhone, replacing the battery of the phone and they can even replace the home button of the iPhone with the rest of detailing.

Revamping the Condition of the Phone

You will have many local service centers saying repair your iphone here. The reliable repair service provider of iPhone will make use of authentic parts to install the right condition of the phone with the rest of the avant-garde technicalities.

The team of experts will get the phone repaired on the same day by fixing things just in time. The parts of the smart phone that have to be replaced will be placed before you so that you can decide for the best replaceable parts for your iPhone.

Experience in Repairing iPhones

However, just don’t rely on a store instantly which says repair your iphone here. The store must have the perfect iPhone repairing professional with years of experience in the field. The service givers are paid to work for your advantage and their level of perfect will bring more customers to the desk.

The providers dealing with iPhones will avoid doing the shabby jobs to help revive the condition of the phone for long span usage. You can run an online search to know about the latest stores available in town doing the iPhone repairing with right understanding and caution.

Rooms at Balestier Homestay

The old yet intriguing district of Balestier in Singapore offers several accommodation options to its visitors, the most popular being homestays, preferably among the international student community. The homestays in Balestier are truly a home away from home for these students who come to a foreign land to study. Besides offering a home-like ambience, these homestays have comfortable rooms to meet unique student requirements and also provide home-cooked meals to the residents.

Comfort at an affordable price

The rooms at Balestier homestay are carefully designed keeping in mind the primary needs of the resident students – a quiet ambience so that they can stay and study comfortably and all the basic necessities on disposal so that they don’t miss their home much.

The rooms offer a twin-sharing facility to the students with the idea of providing double the coziness to the students, fostering friendships and building bonds. These rooms have two single beds, a shared bathroom, a study table, desk and a spacious wardrobe. In-house breakfast is served every day to the students, along with healthy and yummy dinner on all weekdays. For those students who value privacy, homestays at Balestier can also arrange for single rooms upon request.

Fully-furnished homes with top class facilities

Find a Homestays in Singapore are basically full-furnished houses run by families, inviting guests from the world over to come and stay with them and experience a comfortable and joyous stay. All the rooms are fitted with air-conditioning facility for added students’ comfort. Complimentary access to Wi-Fi network is made possible at the homestay, along with a regular supply of water and electricity. All the rooms are cleaned every day to maintain good hygienic practices at the homestay, and there is an additional facility for student uniforms’ laundry and ironing.

Home-cooked food to ensure good health

The food served at Balestier homestay is healthy, hygienic, and above all home cooked. Students are provided two meals on all weekdays and three meals over the weekend.

Host families are your child’s guardian

The best thing about choosing a homestay at Balestier for your child’s study duration in Singapore is that you have practically nothing to worry about thereafter. Right from the time of student pickup from the airport, the host family at the homestay assumes complete responsibility of its resident students as their guardians/sponsors. They assist the students in the school enrollment process, both government and private schools, as well as help in applying for a student pass. In addition, these homestays will guide your child on all academic matters as well by offering educational consultations from time to time and organizing guided study hours by the teacher, wherein the students are encouraged to ask study-related questions and get all their questions answered.

Another reason why homestays in Singapore are increasingly popular among parents is that the latter feels safe regarding the security of their kids miles away from them. As long as the kids are under constant supervision of kind and loving families who are a guardian to them in their parents’ absence, the parents also feel rest assured after leaving their kids at the homestay.

Conversion to Pte Ltd Company & Strike-off Company Procedures in Singapore

Considering many valuable benefits of incorporating a corporate business, especially Private Limited company (written as Pte Ltd company in Singapore), it would be a great idea to convert present proprietorship or partnership business into a Pte Ltd company. This has an easy process and it doesn’t take much time to complete the conversion procedure after initiation of the request.

The decision to convert a business into Pte Ltd company

The conversion to a Pte Ltd company is a wise decision. The conversion offers better liability protection and versatility for prosperity. However, the decision may be taken after considering the pros and cons of the matter.

Before initiating the process, it is necessary to make a list of questions that may impact the decision and to find the answer to these questions to ensure that the decision to covert goes in the right direction. The requirements and procedure of conversion should be explicit from every perspective because there will be no option to retract once the company is incorporated.

A Pte Ltd company is a legal entity registered under the Singapore Companies Act and derives benefits laid down under its provisions. The only option is to dissolve or strike-off the company, but that would be allowed under certain specific situations under the provisions of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) in Singapore.

If you are a start up and need help in the Singapore incorporation of company, click here for information.

The process to convert to Pte Ltd company

The legal and statutory aspects of conversion from a proprietorship or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) to a Pte Ltd company in Singapore is comparatively upfront, except the intricacies that may arise because of transferring business matters. The pros are more than the cons.

The process of Convert to Pte Ltd Company is also rather simple and it’s just a three-step process once the business owners submit their intent to covert their existing business into a corporate business which is called as ‘No objection’. The details of incorporation are available on the ACRA official website.

  • The business first needs to get approval of its business name as a Pte Ltd company because no two legal entities have the same name.
  • The application can be made after approval, along with an undertaking that old business will cease its operations within three months from the date of incorporation of the company.
  • The next step following the incorporation is to transfer all business matters such as assets, bank accounts, contracts and service agreements, and permits and licenses in the name of a company.
  • The final step is to terminate the old company and notice of the termination to be issued to the ACRA.

Strike-off a company: requirements

Striking-off means deregistering the company from the register of ACRA which eventually intents that the company will be dissolved, but doesn’t absolve its members and officers of their undischarged liabilities at the time of the strike-off move. The requirements to Strike-Off a Company are available on the official website of the ACRA.

There is no filing fee for strike -off application that may be submitted online by the majority of company directors, the company secretary or the registered filing agent. However, the criteria laid down by the ACRA for strike-off must be fulfilled.

Objections to the striking off application may be made within the specified periods without a filing fee. The application may also be retracted anytime before the action has been taken.