Global Barristers

Most people wonder whether a barrister is synonymous to a lawyer. Technically, both have considerable Law knowledge. However, a lawyer is a general term widely used to refer to people with a legal qualification from pursuing Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor degree from a reputable institution. On the other hand, a barrister refers to a proficient advocate who majorly specializes in both litigation and advocacy. Unlike Essex Court Chamber Duxton which mainly employs advocates for legal services, Essex Court chambers have numerous arbitrators and barristers.

Below are some of the most treasured and globally respected barristers that serve at Essex Court Chambers.

Ian Hunter QC

Hunter was awarded an LLM in 1968 from Harvard Law School and an LLB from Pembroke College a year earlier. Ian has had a very long and highly successful career, all thanks to his vast knowledge and expertise. In 1994 he served as a Senior Counsel at New South Wales. A year earlier he was appointed as deputy High court judge and served with immense dedication and professionalism.

The barrister has been recognized with many awards like Major Scholar, Kennedy Memorial Scholar, Trevelyan Scholer, Open Scholar, and Squire University Law Scholar. Some of his areas of expertise closely resemble those Essex Court Chambers Duxton advocates deal in, like Conflict of Laws and private international law, Mediation, insurance, and reinsurance and civil fraud and asset tracking.

Areas of specialization that differ with those of Essex Court Chambers Duxton include Europe law and competition and Shipping and admiralty.

Andrew Hochhauser QC

Andrew holds an LLM from the University of London, and an LLB from University of Bristol acquired in 1976. He began his long career at Middle Temple in 1977. Unknown to many, Andrew has served as a Deputy High Court Judge (Chancery) in 2013. A year later he became deputy High Court Judge for Queen’s Bench Division.

He has ably represented countless celebrities like Michael Jackson, Chef Gary Rhodes, Beckhams and also acted for Luton Town Football Club during a dispute with Mike Newell. His areas of expertise are Arbitration and related court application, Company insolvency law, employment, professional negligence, civil fraud, and asset tracing, Media art and entertainment, and banking and financial services.

Graham Dunning QC

Graham is a BA (Law) holder from Emmanuel College awarded in 1980. In 1981, he was awarded an LLM from the Harvard Law School. The barrister had had a prosperous career which started in 1982 when he joined Bar Lincoln’s Inn. A year later he joined Essex Court Chambers and has been a long-serving barrister to date and served as a co-head of the chambers for four years.

In recognition of his expertise, he has been awarded numerous awards such as Kennedy Scholar, Denning Scholarships, and Cambridge University scholarships. One may be forgiven if they say he is an Essex Court Chamber Duxton advocate due to similarities of his areas of expertise. Some of his areas of expertise include Conflict of laws and private international law, Offshore litigation, Public international law, civil fraud and asset tracing, Commercial dispute resolution, international commercial arbitration, professional negligence and energy, and natural resources.

What a team of energetic and formidable barristers! Kudos1