Learn how to do SEO

The ultimate goal of any website is to get the best possible rankings in the search engines like Google. Now there are a number of things that Google will focus when it comes to rankings.  The use of opts for the search engine in order to find what he wants. In order to give the best answer to the user, Google has advanced algorithms which will help to filter the data and get the best results.

The job of the SEO expert is to make sure that it manages all the algorithms and manages to get the best rankings.  The SEO expert has to make sure that there is the use of well-researched keywords. It is equally important that there is proper link building. User experience and how long the user remains on the page are also very crucial. It is the job of the SEO expert to get the better of all these algorithms and get the best results for the website in the search engines.

How to Do SEO?

You need to understand that there are two types of SEO’s.

  1. On page SEO:

The main focus of this SEO is to show to Google and the users that your website has what they want. Here the focus will have to be on keywords. The keywords have to be well researched. It is also important to have long tail keywords. A keyword is a single word. A long tail keyword is a combination of relevant words which will help you get better ranking as they are lesser known but at the same time popular.

The focus in more on mobile hence you need to focus on high-end AMP that accelerated mobile pages. This is very important because most of the people search and browse websites from their mobile phones.

  1. Off-page SEO:

Google is not just concerned with your content. It also focuses on the connections that you have with other websites. This is known as linking and this is the most important aspect of off page SEO. Social media marketing and bookmarking are also part of the off page SEO.

The value that is given to your page in other pages is considered by Google. This is known as Link juice and is an important part of SEO. There are some tools with the help of which you can determine your link juice. You need to keep certain things in mind when you are creating the links. For example, you must not link to orphan pages which are not linked to other pages. You can install redirects. You can also make use of Canonical URLs.

Your focus has to be on building good quality links. It is better if you have a number of good quality links pointing to your page.

Different tactics are used in link building. Links can be added to business directories. You can also make use of commenting in the forums. Guest posting can also help. Another useful tool for link building is social sharing.